Logic Pro (X) Region/CC Automation Lanes


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How is everyone viewing their region/CC automation lanes?

We used to use the "cycle through" feature in the Piano Roll but wanted to be able to see all our controller data for all the lanes at once.

Our next attempt at this was option clicking the ">" icon when showing region automation in the edit window. That seemed to do exactly what we wanted for a while, but then we encountered a weird issue where if the only region automation present was pitch bend, it wouldn't show up when we clicked or option clicked the triangle.

We've heard of people using the step editor for this but we don't love the different resolution of it. Reading automation in the step editor seems a lot less intuitive than the other two options.
Sounds like you've explored the available views. I think the best for what you want is viewing multiple lanes in the work space (edit window). The issue with the pitch bend could be a buggy version of Logic or a corrupt project. I don't experience that problem here.
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