Logic Pro 9 Region colors fade with playhead movement


The oddest graphics glitch is happening. When the playhead moves across the screen from left to right, the colors of the regions fade as the playhead moves across them. It's an intermittent problem in that it will stay for hours and then stop. I haven't been able to figure out what makes the problem disappear.

Logic 9.1.1
MacPro 8 core Nehalem

Has anyone else had this problem or heard of it happening? I fear it's the graphic card. The computer is still under warranty. I just wanted to verify that it wasn't a Logic issue.



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I haven't come across this, and have no idea what the cause may be, but it might make sense to mention which OS version you are using.

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I'd look at Preference files first, especially if it's occurring in all your projects.

Try creating a new user account on that Mac. Make her an admin. This'll create a brand-new set of OS Pref files, and a new set of Logic Prefs for that user as soon as s/he launches Logic. It's a good way to test how far and wide a problem exists, system-wide or single user...

It'd be best if you can recreate the problem in a new Logic project under the new User's login, but if that's too hit-or-miss, you can copy one of your affected projects to the new User's Logic folder...

After creating the new account and before logging yourself out, "Get Info" on the most-afflicted Logic project folder, and set the "Sharing & Permissions" so that "Everyone" can "Read & Write". Click the gear dropdown icon at the bottom and select "Apply to enclosed items..." Then copy that entire project folder to Users --> Shared.

Log yourself out and log in as the new user. Launch Logic. Then move the project folder out of "Shared" and into the new user's Logic folder. Open the project and see if the problem's still there. If it is, you've got a system-wide problem, not just a problem with your Preference files - or a problem with that single project file!

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Thanks for the advice. I don't think it's a Logic problem but I'll try eliminating variables.
I'm using OS 10.5.8



Thanks for the advice. I don't think it's a Logic problem but I'll try eliminating variables.
I'm using OS 10.5.8


Is it happening in many Logic projects, or just one? Is it happening in other programs as well (Mail, Safari, etc), or just in Logic? What if you start from your backup drive; does the problem still persist? The answers to each of these questions should get you closer to focusing in on where the problem is.

I've had this on my MacBook Pro.

A restart fixed it. I believe that I was running low on free RAM at the time.

A check with Activity Monitor could shed some light?