Logic Pro 9 Region duration


Is there a way to select a region and see how long it is ( in minutes, seconds )? I like to work on multiple songs/cues in one session and want to have an easy way to determine each piece's length. When the project is not locked to picture, I'll try to start each chunk at the x minutes, zero seconds area but that's still a little clunky.

I would also like to be able to rubber band an area and see its length.

Is any of this possible?



Change the bar ruler to Time. Set the Event List to Same Level Link.
Not sure about the Frame Rate: 24 gives bar regions length by full seconds.
Choose the SMPTE display that you're happy with.


For individual regions, open them in the sample edit window. There, you can set the display to time. That way you can see the length of the region, or selection (if it is a selection within a region) in minutes and seconds, etc.

As far as multiple regions, maybe you could open up the Event List and view smpte tome from there? You'd have to do a bit of math, but you'd be able to see the start time of the first region and the end time of the last.