Region Overview upon opening a project...


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Mac mini 2018, OS 10.14.6, Logic 10.5.1

I searched around and can never really find a solid answer. When I open a project for the first time after starting up my computer, I have to sit and wait for region overviews to be created. This never really used to happen...and it's random. This is a pain but what is even more of a pain is the fact that it doesn't happen every's about 50/50. Sometimes I start up my computer, open a project, and voila, all the regions are there without having to wait at all. Other times, I'm waiting 4 minutes for it to be done. Also, if I close the project and open another, then come back to the original project, the results are the same. Sometimes it has to load all the regions again, sometimes it doesn't. The permissions for the drive the audio is on is set to "Read and Write." The drive where the audio files are stored is a Glyph Studio Raid set to Raid 1 Format.

I'd almost rather it be consistent and at least have to create overviews every time rather than it happen sometimes and sometimes not...which is infuriating.

Any input is appreciated and thank you!