Logic Pro 8 regions to markers

Does anybody have a key command to snap a selected region to a selected marker in the arrange page?
Not a direct key command. I would use a combination of "Go To Marker (Previous/Next/Number)" and "Pickup Clock" commands in that case. Go to marker command moves the playhead to the desired marker, pickup clock moves the selected region/event to the playhead position.


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stuff like that I've made macros for using the euphonix MC Control. I've got a bunch of different ones. One key I programmed selects all and then zooms selected so I can quickly overview everything. I made one the other day when mastering a ton of audio that selects the next track, zooms the tracks audio, and sets the cycle length to the region. It wound up being about 6 commands for one button press. Similar things can be done with quickeys, which I still use too.
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