Logic Pro X Registry Error .... scanning Audio Units causes hang


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I sometimes get this, which is quite painful, because during the scan, the error dialog may pop up BEHIND the splash screen for the scanner, so I have to force-quit Logic. It is quite uninformative, since it doesn't say WHICH plugin is causing the problem. It says "Please ensure this product has been installed properly".

How to find out which plugin is causing problems?

Alanis Sound

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I had this very same issue and I just fixed it. The way I did it was:

1. Move the Logic Launching Screen to another desktop so you can hit OK on the error dialog windows.
2. As soon as Logic Launches (after selecting if you want to open a new session or the previous one, etc), go to the Plug-In Manager (Logic Pro X - Preferences - Plug-In Manager...)
3. Check the Compatibility status. The ones that didn't successfully validated are the ones showing up the error.

You can now either reinstall those plugins, or if you don't use them, just get rid of them (that's what I did).

You can find those plugins using Go - Go To Folder:


Hope this fixes that ANNOYING issue for you too!
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The short cut is really to just remove all 32 bit components from /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components
Then you must delete Apple AudioUnits Cache ...Library/Caches/AudioUnitCache
Then rescan, Should clear this
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