Logic Pro X Reinstall Logic 9 after Logic X


I am having to reformat my system drive and reinstall everything as Logic X was extremely unstable and crashed constantly.
I am still losing connection to my Apogee Ensemble interface, and it has to be restarted multiple times throughout the day's work.
I have reinstalled Logic X and Mountain Lion, and it seems to be much more stable than after I migrated to mountain lion from snow leopard.
Mountain Lion is much slower than Snow Leopard on my machine and seems to be the culprit with the Apogee issues. I sent Apogee and email a month ago and they still have not replied.
I need to reinstall Logic 9 since 32bit plugs are not available in X, and wanted to ask how I should go about this without disrupting Logic X performance?
Also does anyone have any tips on optimizing Mountain Lion for LX?

many thanks!

Alan Hayes


You will have to restore from your backup, otherwise to get Logic 9 you will have to rollback OSX to 10.7.x or earlier for an App store download, or locate a boxed version of the Logic Suite.

Apple or your local Apple store may be able to help.

Reinstalling the OS is a radical measure on a Mac, about zero chance of downloading a corrupt file from the app store, downloads wouldn't expand and install if they were corrupt.

That doesn't mean you didn't have corrupt files on your hard drive, did you first attempt to repair permissions or repair the disk?



I repair permissions weekly.
I have the boxed Logic 9 version, and I also have a hard drive back up of my previous system with Logic 9 and X on it.
I just don't want to screw up Logic X when installing 9 after X
was installed.
Which would work out best, installing from boxed disks or copying from previous hard drive?
Thanks for your reply!


For anyone else needing this info, Logic 9 will have to be reinstalled from disks and either XS key plugged in, or serial numbers from previous versions.