Logic Pro 8 Reliable Drum Program


I have BFD 1.5 right now but it always seems to be unstable and i am tired of working with it.
Any suggestions for a good easy to use drum program or is BFD it but i have it set wrong?

I have Logic 8, OS 10.5.8, BFD 1.5, Dual 2g PPC, 4g of ram.

Others may have a different opinion but Addictive Drums is a contender I would say. I don't think it has ever crashed here and I have used it for a couple of years.
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Addictive Drums is my first go to drums every time I want to do a real drum sound. The sounds and programability are fantastic, the best out there I think.

George Leger III
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I'll put in a kind word for the Abbey Road drums 60's and 70's collections. Really stable, great sounds, easy to use. A bit long winded in the load times though, other than that well worth it.
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Hmm I seem to remember that the Abbey Road line only runs on Intel machines, that's why I haven't got it. The original poster was, like me, still running a PPC.
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I use Addictive Drums also and it is fine, but I confess I am lusting after Oceanway Drums for Kontakt. They sound amazing.
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Hi there! i´m new to this forum, I have just installed Abbey Road Drums and I´m now tryin´ to find out how to use them in an easy way.. I can´t figure out how to record them to seperat channels?, anything you can help me with?.. I tried searching the forum for a thread about this but couldn´t find one..

Hope to hear from you! Regards//Nic
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I'm also new to this forum and buying Addictive Drums as well. I will update this forum when I have formed an opinion. I am new to the Logic world. In the past I was big on Cubase and GrooveAgent as my virtual drummer.
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I've recently gone from using bfd2 (since it came out) to Superior Drummer. SD seems to to be very stable compared to bfd and doesn't steal the transport while it's open. BFD 64 bit seems to have been in beta forever so is probably still getting the kinks worked out. In terms of sound, SD's samples seem to be less raw sounding and take less work to mix. I'm really enjoying the Music City expansion pack. I'd also take a look at addictive drums but I don't think they have plans for a 64 bit version for Mac, just PC. I'm sure George will chime in here on that or go to their site. I honestly think all the drums out today sound pretty fantastic.

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