Relinking EXS Samples/Redmatica


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Hi Peps,I have over 10 years worth of samples for the EXS24 and have recently migrated to a new MBP and now the EXS can't find the samples which are kept on an external hard drive.
I've tried the Spotlight indexing thing, but the only way I can get it to work is by trying to load the sample which gives me the "cant find sample" message, opening up the sample library, selecting the relevant .aif file, quiting and then rebooting Logic and then loading the same inst again.(confused! yea so am I)
I have no reason why this works but suffice to say if I had to do this for the hundreds of thousands samples I have It would probably take me the next hundred years.
Redmatica has gone belly up, so please please please what's the alternative?
I know everybody's moving onto NI's Kontact but what about the hundred's of song that I've produced with the EXS and Logic?
The writing has been on wall for some time and my colleagues have been telling me to switch to Protools for years, get yourself a "pro app" they say, well if only I had listened.
I guess I'll have to take the risky illegal route and try to source the EXS Manager on some dodgy torrent site, but before I go down that murky route is there not some Logic guru who can save me.
I'd just put them back, since they don't take up that much room. Just don't add the music beds stuff and sound FX, they take up about 20 GB or so for nothing. The other files, especially if they are from Logic 9, are CAF files and take half the space they used too.

As for redmatica, there is currently no solution 8-(