Reload Logic Pro 9 on old 2011 MacBook Pro


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When I updated software from El Capitan to High Sierra, I lost ability to use Logic Pro 9. Now I will have Genius Bar erase High Sierra and reload El Capitan but it seems the discs I have are Logic Express 7 and a Logic Studio upgrade from Studio or Logic Pro. Can I work with this going forward?


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I'm honestly not certain whether El Capitan will allow the installers to work. You can run both Logic 7, Logic 9 and some older versions of Logic Pro X on El Capitan, but I fear that both L7 and L9 needed to be installed on an earlier Mac OS version, which would then be updated as far as El Capitan or Sierra, still allowing you to use both. From High Sierra onwards the only Logic version that will run is LPX. Possibly the easiest solution would be to have a time machine or carbon copy cloner backup of your old El Capitan system and revert to that.

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