Logic Pro (X) Relocating Sound Library


Some time ago, a kind soul here let me know how to relocate the Logic Sound Library after it has been installed on the system drive. For some reason, I'm now seeing a lot of sample showing up on the System drive again. I've since updated to Logic 10.7.9 and Monterey. There is an option of relocate the library. But it offers puzzling an illogical options.

1. It say I have about 125G of samples on the system drive now. This is impossible. The entire used space on the drive is less than 150G and there are lots of apps and the usual system and user files. A scan of the drive contents does not show any large areas taken up with sample data.
2. The dialog says to choose a location and it will move what it says is an existing sample lib of about 5.7G.
3. The same dialog says I already have sound library files on the external drive that I want to use. But it will not let me select that drive although there is about 180G free.

I can't make any sense of this. Perhaps I need to delete all the sound libs and reinstall them? If so, where are all the places I would find them?
I know I have about 65G of sound lib files here /Volumes/Samples/Library/Application Support/Logic. This is the place Logic will not let me move files to. Are there other places I should look if I need to delete all and start over again?

If I do, how does one tell Logic where to put the sample libs before it puts them where it wants, and then won't let you move them?