Logic Pro 9 Replacing Audio in a Movie


I have never worked with movies before. Yesterday a band did a live performance in my studio while filming it. They just used a cell phone camera so the quality of the video is not great but not bad either. Now they want to replace the audio from the camera with the recorded audio for YouTube use.
I have found out how to import the video and also how to import the audiotrack from the video separately so I could align the recorded tracks with the video.
Everything works fine while in Logic but how do I get the audio back to the movie so that it plays back with the mixed audio when I click on the icon.
I have tried to export it and it did work but it sounded quite terrible, out of phase and somewhat distorted, not at all like it did in Logic.
What am I doing wrong.....

Pete Thomas

Staff member
I get good enough results with Logic's Export Audio to Movie, so I can't think what is wrong there. Or is it combining the old and new audio ???

Other things you can use are iMovie or Quicktime Pro, both of which are easiest to sync if the bounced audiofile starts at the beginning of the movie.
Sounds like you kept the the original audio track off the video on when you exported to video. Make sure you deselect the track in the extra window during the export process.


That was it, I didn't deselect the track thanks a lot.
Apparently the latency compensation does not include the video so it's necessary to bounce before aligning.
Thanks for the replies, I really helped.