Researching New Symphony Native Rig - expectations



You are likely to see a lot more of me in the coming months - I am an old stalwart in the Logic/TDM world, and have grown tired of the bugs and the creative kill that happens.

So - I'm researching the new Symphony I/O, and getting risd of Pro Tools altogether. My question: what computer/RAM config would give me a similar track count and performance to an Hd3 system running on A G5 Dual 2.3? I have run close to 100 tracks of audio with multiple TDM plugs and several VI's and audio also on the native side and due to the card processing of an HD system, it has worked well (aside form the bugs in the combo Logic/DAE system...I guess what I';m asking is the minimum (cheapest) computer and least (cheapest) amount of RAM to get me into the same ballpark as what I'm used to in terms of track count, VI's and plugins?

ANy insights or advice?

BTW - I need 16 inputs and 8 outputs - the former because I record live drums and the latter because I output into a Dangerous Audio summing box. THAT'S why I'm looking at the new Symphony - but if anyone has any alternate ideas for similar I/O I'm all ears.

This is the end of an era for me, and I'm looking forward to a rig that just works - a lot to ask huh?

Please - if getting the new 12 core is the best route I'll do it, but if it's a waste to shoot for Jupiter when I just want to reach the moon, I would appreciate putting the $$$ into a new VI or microphone instead of a computer who's power won't get used.

Thanks so much - looking forward to helping out around here

The general buzz right now is the 12 cores are not all being used, at least by any one application. There's some speculation that only four of the 6 cores are being used as well. But this stuff is very new and people are just now sorting things out. I just bought a new eight core and I'm not sure it was the right decision but it was the right time to replace my G5.

Any of the new computers will be screaming compared to your G5. I would suspect you will have very high track count. I would get the fastest clock speed chip you can afford in whatever configuration you buy. If you're not going to run in 64 bit mode, probably more than 6 gigs of RAM is a waste.

The Symphony is a very good interface. It hooks up via a card rather than firewire and should give you very low latency. Track count I can't comment on, but the people at Apogee could. They're reasonably bright and responsive. Contact them.
Thanks Doug...

I went ahead and bought a new, unused Nehalem 2.93 with 16 RAM, with the new Apogee Symphony. I will report back in a few weeks once I've done the massive upgrading process.

I suspect you'll be pleased.

I opted for clean installs of everything on my new computer. It takes awhile to get all those libraries loaded.....