Logic Pro X Reset Zoom key command doesn't work


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The built-in key command for resetting a track zoom or all tracks zoom does not work. When I press it the screen just flashes. ctrl-opt-cmd-shift-del
I want it to reset the zoom level. How do I do this? Using Logic 10.5


Logic 10.5.1 here. If I use the 'Individual...' command, and no tracks are zoomed, the screen flashes. If I change the zoom state of any number of tracks to various zoom states the command resets all of the tracks as expected. The key word here is 'Individual'. Zooming a region or a selection doesn't set the individual track zoom... Try changing the size of tracks (re-size the track header) and see if the command works.

Reset Individual Track Zoom ⌃⌥⌘⌫
Individual Track Zoom Reset for All Tracks ⌃⌥⇧⌘⌫

If you zoom using the 'Zoom' command (Z on the keyboard) you can toggle the zoom with the Z key...


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Hmmm, you are correct. The issue I have though is for some reason I accidentally zoom in on tracks in the main window, either by an erroneous click or keystroke. I can't find an easy way to get the zoom level back to its previous state.