Logic Studio apps Revert to saved version of preset on patch change


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Hoping someone can help, since I see Mainstage is used by lots of touring bands and shows - there must be a solution to this..

When I tweak a patch (say change the filter), this change persists when navigating away from and back to that patch.

I have tried both options in preferences and it makes no difference. This is not how a hardware synth would behave (the patch will return to its saved state when you return to it) so it feels unintuitive, and is, really, not good UX. If I want to save the patch I would do that within the VST.

Apart from this, saving the concert should also have an option for only saving the layout, mapping, sequence of songs and patches etc, without affecting the saved patches.
when I get to reherasal I need to be able to recall the initial patch, not the tweaked version of it (which sometimes gets changed a lot.)
Is there any solution to this?