Revoice Pro, Any Users


Hi There
I have just found out about the existence of Synchro Arts' Revoice Pro. It is very new but has anybody tried it yet. For people who do many voiceovers and vocal doubles it seems like quite a timesaver although not cheap.
I use Vocalign and Melodyne a lot and this seem to be capable of turning sloppy doubles into good ones, tuning and timing, with a few presses of a button.
It's probably not as clever as Melodyne for the tuning but apparently it is capable of copying the tuning to another track which means that if you melodyne the lead vocal then you won't have to melodyne the double.
As for Vocalign it's supposedly more complex than that and that's probably true since it's their own thing :)

So has anybody tried it, and is it worth the price (just above 500 dollars as an introductory offer if you already have Vocalign).


I beta tested it.
I think it is a great product and I plan on purchasing. It is handy both for creating a doubled track, and for taking an actual doubled track and tightening it up with the original.
I believe there is a fully functional demo, so you can judge for yourself if it is worth the expense, but I can at least tell you that it is definitely worth checking out.