Logic Pro 9 ReWiring causing crashes

Hello all,

I'm trying to re-wire a Reason instrument into an existing Logic project. I have set up 2 environment windows as a screenset #2 - Window 1 is set to clicks & ports, Window 2 is set to mixer containing the Reason instrument. As soon as I try to drag a pin from my midi keyboard (in the clicks & ports window) over to the instrument in the mixer window, Logic crashes with the following message (screenshot below)

As a test, I set up a brand new blank project just to perform a rewire test and everything worked and never crashed. Heard the instrument no problem. Can anyone shed some light on why my existing project keeps crashing?

thanks in advance


Hi folks, happy to say I found a much easier way to Rewire although I still couldn't figure out why my project kept crashing. Anyway, problem solved!


Hi Gary,

I seem to recall that in some older versions of Logic there was a problem when dragging a cable between two open environment windows when there was more than a certain number of Environment objects involved.

I'm glad you figured out the easier way of routing Reason inputs into Logic (no doubt using Aux tracks with Rewire inputs). But there is a workaround to your original scenario. You can have just the source Environment Window open. And then hold down the Option key when you click hold the cable to reassign it's destination. When you click hold and have the Option key down, you will be presented with a list of all your Environment objects (that have their icons enabled) and you can simply select your destination that way; the cable assignment will be made automatically.