Logic Pro X Rex2 in Pro X.



Does anyone use rex2 files in Pro X?
I tried to import and convert one and a message box said my rex2 file was too old and I should update the file and try again to convert(import)
Anyone have info on how to accomplish this?
I'm using Maverick on a 2008 Mac Pro.


Rex2 in Pro X


Thanks for the tip.
However I can't do this "In the All Files Browser, choose Convert ReCycle Files to Apple Loops from the Action pop-up menu." because I can't find the Action pop-up menu. Extremely frustrating after 5 hours work.
Just for the fun of it, what in the world is the REX Shared Library called after it is installed? I've installed it 4 times successfully but can't use it because I can't find it.
I've had better days.
Thanks for any help!



.rx2 and sample tank import issues

My issue with loading .rx2 files into logic is solved by this procedure:
In Kontakt under files I can locate the .rx2 files.
Double click and they load into Kontakt.
On a similar loading issue I'm unable to load any of my SampleTank 2.5 Sounds.
The IK Multimedia instruments are not available in my AU Instruments input. so I looked into Kontakt/files/IK Multimedia but they were not there either.
According to my SampleTank 2.5 Sounds location on a hard drive the sound files are of these types: sth, sti and stw.
Anybody able to load these files?
Thanks for any ideas.


I think most of those IK Multimedia instruments are 32 bit. That's why they are not available.

FTR, a brand new 64 bit version of SampleTank is just around the corner. I have seen a beta version of it and it looks (and sounds) fantastic.

Here's some info from them on it:

SampleTank 3 will be 64-bit only, and you will be able to use previous Powered By SampleTank libraries (Miroslav Philharmonik, SampleMoog, SampleTron, Sonik Synth, Xpansion Tanks, etc) inside SampleTank 3 and it will be definitely possible to import SampleTank 2 combis in SampleTank 3.

You can see a preview here: