Logic Pro 8 Rhythmic Alignment in Regions


Hello everyone- I'm having a frustrating time with a basic point of trying to get consistent rhythmic alignment with Midi events in three separate tracks. I'm working with a simple regular 4/4 time with three 16th-note lead-ins on the snare with UltraBeat - the other two tracks are straight 16th and quarter notes throughout - shouldn't be this difficult to line these up.

I've tried the "Set Optimal Region Sizes Rounded by Bar" and "Snap Region Start to Bar" settings from the manual and Quantized all regions. I thought this would work, but the time still gets off in playback after copying out about 20 bars.
-Can't figure out why rhythm is still off.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Try this: extend the end of the regions you are using just a touch, cut the regions at the bar, delete the little extra region off the end, and press L to loops the regions, you should be good to go.
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