Logic Pro X RITARD?

Colin Shapiro

There are a few ways to do this.

The easiest:
In the Main window, make sure that List Editors are showing.
Click on the Tempo tab.
Click on the local [Options] menu and select [Tempo Operations]
You may also have or set a key command for [Open Tempo Operations].

In the Tempo Operations window, set your start and end points as well as your start and end tempos. You can play with the curve and density as well - I find that setting the density to 1/4 notes usually sounds natural.

You'll see a preview in the small graph.
Hit [Apply] - done.

You can of course manually enter tempo statements until you create the kind of rit you'd like.


Colin, thanks for the reply. Got everything you said. Works great.
Sorry I took so long to reply.

Colin Shapiro

No problem.
Of course you can also just draw in tempo changes in the Global Tracks area, but the method above gives you a good controlled ritard, which you can also tweak later by simply adjusting the tempo values in the Tempo list.