RME ARC USB - SysEx Solution For Those Struggling


Hi all,

I thought I'd post this here to possibly help others now or in future that used the RME ARC controller with Total Mix/ Total FX.

This controller is constantly sending data to Total Mix and Logic can constantly "see it".

This means you'll see random midi in or out data on the transport display.

RME released a Firmware update that supposedly fixes it, but for me and some others it doesn't. The manual even states to put it in SysEx mode, but I found that to not help either.

The solution I found (possibly obvious to some), is to remove it as a a midi device within Logic.

I'm currently using Logic 11 on MacOS Sonoma 14.5 and these are the instructions:

Go into the Logic Pro menu.
Choose "Settings".
Then Choose "Midi".
It should open on the "General" tab (for midi devices).
Choose the "Inputs" tab.
Now, scroll to find "RME ARC".
Ensure the "RME ARC" box is unchecked.

I do hope this helps some people out as it has been causing me a lot of stress and frustration.