Roger Nichols RIP


I just learned that engineer/producer/inventor Roger Nichols passed away a few days ago from the cancer that had become a serious threat to his life a little more than a year ago.

For those who don't know much about Roger, he was one of the innovators who helped our industry develop some of the tools we use today: sampling devices, digital recording and direct to disc recording. He really cared about the work he did and the type of perfection in art that doesn't happen much today. If you listen to some of the Donald Fagen records, you can hear how someone can ADD SOUL to music with technology, rather than diminish it.

the saddest thing is that, while he didn't survive the cancer, the cost of medical treatments that he had hoped would prolong his life have left his family is serious debt. If you can help with a small donation (or a freaking big one if you have the $$$$), please do... we really owe this guy. if he didn't do what he did, I doubt we would be having as many cool toys and techniques as we do today. is his web site where you can give a donation.

I could get very angry and political about this and go off about universal healthcare, and what the current government is doing that is erasing what meager help people have in the US, but that is another topic, and a much longer conversation. I do hope that some day, this type of thing, where a good soul has to essentially beg for the help to get treatment to save his life in what is supposed to be the wealthiest country in the world.

Roger, you were a guiding light for a guy like me, and I am happy to help out... I can't even imagine what I would have become if I didn't have this crazy business to be part of, and your recordings to inspire me to reach for the highest quality and integrity I could. RIP....



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RIP Roger, and thank you for such brilliant, timeless classics. If I had to choose only one record to listen to for the rest of my days, it would very likely be Aja.

kind regards