Logic Pro 8 Roland PC-180a Midi Controller Keyboard - No midi data

Hi all,

I'm stressed and confused. Having been a PC/Cubase head I made the transition to Mac some years ago due to photography. Having not produce any music for about 8 years I thought maybe would be the time to get back into it again.

To save the detail I have a new MBP 15" 2.66 with 4gb ram. Runs like a dream but does not pick up my old RolandED - PC 180A midi keyboard with a midi/USB convertor. No mattter what I do there just doesn't seem to be any midi activity from the keyboad to the MBP.

Any ideas folks? Please.

does teh midi/usb convertor need a driver?
apple menu>about this mac>more info . what does it list under the USB section? is your convertor showing up?.. what is your convertor?
what version of logic are you running?
what OS?
To my knowledge, their are no drivers for the 180A. It was originally midi only.

You might look for the Edirol USB drivers for the PC-300, an older USB keyboard not unlike the 180, except it was USB - there is the possibility that the Mac Driver for that (if there is a MAC driver) would recognize the usb conversion.
I have a Roland PC-180 running successfully, and to my knowledge there are no dedicated drivers.
Have you had a look in Audio-MIDI-Setup if its recognized?
One regular source of failure for me were emty batteries (even with red control light still active). Another source was a bad MIDI cable.
Might be worth a try...
Thanks all for your responses. CJL52, are you using a USB to midi convertor and/or is you setup a tower or laptop?

Also, I have PC-180 connected directly to the mains. I am assuming I don't need a battery power? Thru Midi setup the keyboard appears as a 'midi device connected' but absolutely no control available.

leytonnz, I have a MBP latest 2.66 with 4gb ram. For the life of me I have no idea who the usb convertor is made by but it has been tried on other machines and works fine. I am running Snow Leopard with Logic 8 altho I am about to install Logic Express 9.
Hi Twistor,
I have the keyboard connected to a emagic amt8 MIDI interface, which itself is connected to the MacBook Pro via USB.
I'm not sure if the PC-180 is satisfied with being USB-power fed...
If you don't have any positive experiences in this, maybe a test with a wall wart or batteries will reveal the truth...
Good luck,
Hi CJL52 or anyone...,

Damn this seems so complicated. Cubase seemed so much simpler; but I shall persevere. ;)

I've now plugged in my old Novation Bass Station synth/keyboard. I ran a test on GarageBand and both the Bass Station and Roland show as connected. I have run both with battery and DC but no register in either Garage Band and Logic. Is there a setting that I'm missing in setup?

Thanks for your help so far...
There's not much more that I can think of. But if the keyboard worked before, it should work with Garage Band and Logic, too.
I guess you already checked which MIDI send channel of the keyboard and MIDI receive channel of your (record enabled) virtual instrument track is enabled, both best set to omni for testing - to repeat the obvious.
In the MIDi window of Audio-MIDI-setup you can test your MIDI configuration (read details in the utility's help menu), so you know if there's something coming in...
That's all I can think of for the moment.
More luck,
Hi Claus,

Thanks so much for your help. I'm not at home at the momnt but shall try your suggestions. I'm fairly certain I have already but hey....

Take care my friend and all the best.