Logic Pro 9 Roland RD 700 Sequencer to Logic 9/DP5


O.k. my first post here is a good one! I have stumped both Roland and Logic tech support after spending hours on the phone. So here it is:

The Roland RD-700 has sequenced drum tracks which I have successfully recorded into DP5's sequencer for years. Trying to do the same provides no reliable success in Logic Pro 9.

In DP5, there is a "wait" button in the transport bar. When in "wait" mode, DP5 will not begin recording until the play button is depressed on the RD-700. I would match the tempos in DP5 and the RD-700 and when I pressed record, everything would start from bar one, beat one, perfectly lined up.

The RD-700 does not send MTC or Midi Clock Sync messages. It just sends a simple stop/start command which is presumably MMC. (couldn't verify that from Roland but that was the tech's guess)

So, in the end after going from Logic support to Roland back to Logic they said, can't do it.

We were able to un-sync all the settings and just manually press record to capture the midi data coming out of the RD-700, however this then requires moving all the note positions to the appropriate beats. Even then, it requires a few steps to get things lined up.

If you have read all this thanks just for that! :)

I'd love to not have to continue to work in DP5 and just stay in Logic BUT it looks like capturing the drums in DP5 and then saving as a SMF for Logic will ultimately be the way to go.


Hi Skip,

Welcome to the forum!:D

I don't have any single magic answer for your problem. Presumably you've tried these things, but in case you haven't:

* In the Project setting Synchronization window, General tab - try sync mode set to either manual or external.

* In the same window but under the Midi tab- try enabling Listen to MMC input
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Sounds like you are trying to slave Logic to the Roland. Is this correct? Logic stopped listening to external beat clocks around version 6 or 7, much to my dismay. Have you tried making Logic the master and configuring the Roland to listen and receive MIDI beat clock info?
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If you don't have any way to sync at all (sounds like you have been just setting the same tempo and starting play at the same time) try this:

Start Logic playing with a click, then when a bar comes up, start your roland. If you missed the correct time, after you are done, just go into the event editor of the track you just recorded, select all midi data, then just move the first midi event to bar 1 beat 1.

Thats how I used to do it way back when...

George Leger III
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@ George, yes that's the "old-school" approach that will work but requires several steps I would like to avoid. In addition to that, I will typically punch in different drum beats or fills throughout a track, rather than just letting one drum groove play through. Punching in on a specific measure would require the same "old school" fiddling each time.

Your idea is valid, thanks much. Trying to avoid too much work to get it done.
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@ Alienimplant, you may have given me the most comprehensive info of the day! Just knowing Logic abandoned this ability a couple versions ago verifies that it can't be done.

I have not tried to make the Roland the slave, however the Roland RD-700 does not include a user programmable sequencer. The sequencer in the RD 700 is simply for playing, not recording. The manual does, however, give specific instructions how to record them on an external sequencer (like I have done w/DP5 for years)

Thanks much but I'm still no closer. :(
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Yes Eli, We tried all that stuff between my own experimentation and Logic Tech Support on the phone. :(

Thanks for your input though. I do appreciate it.
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Not sure if you understand what I mean: IF you record your midi data into Logic 1 time, then move all the new data into the correct place (1 pretty easy move actually) you can do what ever else you want, overdubbing, etc, using Logic's sequencer.

Step 1 record data into logic tempo matched from old non sync system
Step 2 resync so the first midi note recorded starts at bar 1 beat 1
Step 3 overdub, etc, using Logics daw as master.

Because the midi sync is no longer available in Logic, it's your bst easiest way to do it. 1 pass to record, move the new data to the right place, and you are done. Should be pretty simple.

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George, The overdubs I mentioned in terms of drum fills and additional patterns originate from the RD-700 prerecorded fill patterns. Perhaps you were thinking I was going to play these fills in manually by the keyboard or drum pad. Sorry if that was unclear in my earlier post. Your suggestion makes perfect sense as long as I was going to play the fills by hand. Now hopefully we are on the same page. Yes? No?
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