Logic Pro X Roland UM-ONE mk2 no MIDI reaching Logic


Hi Guys, I picked up an old Yamaha KX-88 to play Keyscape with in Logic, so I had to buy a MIDI to USB adapter. I got a Roland UM-ONE mk2 (there didn't seem to be any alternative in the stores I visited) and I can see the MIDI LED flashing when I hit the keys, but Logic doesn't register any MIDI Input. I looked at Audio MIDI Setup, but it's not very helpful - I can't see anything there that indicates whether it knows the UM-ONE mk2 is there or not, much less whether it's seeing MIDI information from it. Any suggestions how to troubleshoot?
***EDIT*** Turns out Roland has another Downloads page with a few more drivers, including one that matched my actual OS version, and that was the problem.
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Peter Ostry

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Why don't you use the MIDI port of your Scarlett interface instead of a proprietary Roland driver?
Or one of the available good small MIDI interfaces, class compliant, without additional drivers.


Haha thanks Peter - I completely forgot the Scarlett has MIDI ports! *smacks forehead*
I've just ordered a 10' MIDI cable so I can simplify my setup as per your suggestion.