Logic Pro X Round Robin patches in EXS24 mk2?

Per Boysen


I'm about to make a sampler instrument by recording a harp and need to set up round-robin patches so that when the same note is repeated a group of three alternative samples.

I just read the manual for EXS24 mk2 and can't find that this is supported. How do you guys solve this?

I can do the work in Kontakt in case EXS24 doesn't cut it, but that's my "plan B"

Colin Shapiro

Hi Per,

Check out the latest Logic Pro X Instruments manual, on page 200:

Set up a round robin in EXS24 mkII
The term round robin is used to describe sample switching when a single key is struck repeatedly. This feature can be particularly useful in live performance or for avoiding abrupt, machine-gun-like effects when switching between real instrument samples.
In EXS24 mkII, you can use a group as the selection criteria for the Select Group By condition. When one group is played, other groups are silent.
1 Click the Sampler Instruments pop-up menu and load an instrument.
2 Click the Edit button to open the Instrument Editor window. Click the Zones button if Groups view is shown.
3 Assign two zones to the same key (note C2, for example) and play the onscreen keyboard or play C2 on a connected MIDI keyboard.
You can see and hear two samples (zones) being played. For clarity, these are zone 1 and zone 2.
4 Now assign another zone to another note (C3, for example) on the onscreen keyboard.
Play C3 on a connected MIDI keyboard and you will hear a different zone being triggered. This is zone 3.
5 Drag vertically in the Lo column for zone 3 until C2 is shown.
6 If you repeatedly strike C2, you will hear zones 1, 2, and 3 being played.
Repeat steps 4 and 5 for other notes, if required.
7 Click the Groups button to switch to Groups view.
8 Choose Group: Group Select By from the View menu.
9 Click the Type subcolumn on the row of zone 2, then choose Group from the pop-up menu.
10 Click the Group subcolumn on the zone 2 row and choose zone 1.
11 Repeat steps 9 and 10 on the zone 3 row, but choose zone 2 in the Group column.
12 Repeatedly click note C2 on the onscreen keyboard or play C2 on a connected MIDI keyboard.
You can hear zones 1, 2, and 3 switched one after the other.
This example illustrates the use of groups as the selection or switching criteria. The selection of zone 1, zone 2, and zone 3 in the Group menu enables you specify the trigger group for another group. Because these trigger groups are unique in the Group column, you will sequentially step through groups.
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Per Boysen

I set it up here now and it works well as long as you do not hold a long note while repeating another short note. The long note held down blocks the Round-Robin functionality.
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