Logic Pro 9 Routing/Bouncing Problem


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I'm having a routing/bouncing problem. The only time I can hear bounced files is if the tracks that are to be bounced have "Stereo Out" selected for their output. This was fine before I bought a Rosseta 800, and started running ADAT optical for both inputs and outputs. Now, in order for me to get a signal into Logic, I select "Input 15" for the track input, which corresponds with the "Analog Input 1" on the Rosseta.

To hear the track, I select "Out 15-16." This works fine for recording and monitoring, but for bouncing, the only thing I know to do is change the outputs on all my tracks to "Stereo Out", which is cumbersome; plus, I can't hear the tracks as they bounce. Obviously, this can't be only solution. What am I doing wrong?

You have to create an output track for output 15-16, and then bounce from there.

The idea behind bouncing to disk is that everything that reaches the output you are bouncing gets included in the bounce. So if you are routing things to 15-16, bounce your output 15-16 and you'll be golden.

To do this, go into your Environment window. From under the
"new" menu, create a new audio object. Define it as an "output" object and set it to channel 15-16 in the Inspector. Then use the bounce button on that physical track object.

Or, you may not even need to do this if the Output channel strip for output 15-16 already exists in your track mixer. If it does, just bounce from there. If not, create it first as described above.
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