Logic Pro 9 Routing Logic 9 aux to UA console


This has to do with getting the individual aux/drums channels from Logic into my UA console channels. I'm almost sure it has to do with the sends within Logic to the UA, but I can't figure the routing. I have monitoring of my Superior Drums on the UA console meter, as well as a signal to my UA channel strip/meters from a mic, but I'm still unable to get any levels for the individual drums to show up on my UA console channels. Here's my setup: I'm running my Superior in a multi-channel (16) format through Logic, to have control over each drum/mic, and these are running as separate Logic aux channels (aux 1 running the kick mics, aux 2 running the snares, etc. I'm controlling their levels, bleed, pan, from within the Superior mixer in real time within Logic - I also have meter level showing on the UA console, but have yet to figure out how to get these individual drums to run on individual UA channels, so I can use/monitor the UA plugins and mix my drums from there. I've gone through my UA setup within Logic, and it all looks good. I'm probably missing one easy step that that's as obvious as the nose on my face, but what this is... I can't figure. I can also run my UA plugins on Logic's inserts, and they function perfectly. If everything is running in parts, that has to mean there's link I'm missing in the signal chain. Can someone tell me what that might be?
I just talked to Dan (great guy) at UA support, and we discussed that very thing; I'll be getting into it tomorrow. He also explained the various ways this new feature can be used, so I'll keep your reply, and as I get hip to the ground level... we'll try to exchange ideas!
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