Logic Pro 9 Routing MidiClock via Logic ?


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I’d like to run Logic as a tape machine to capture audio and midi during live jams, and be able to patch midi clock via Logic so I can sync a couple of drum machines & sequencers. I know it’s possible to sync Logic’s transport to external sequencers and vice versa, but I’m hoping to run independently of Logic’s internal clock - so I can freely change tempos, time signatures or songs and just keep Logic recording while jamming.

I’m using an MPC, a 909 clone and an MC-505 which all have MIDI clock - the MPC sends & receives MTC also. Jams are quite spontaneous so it would be nice to be able to quickly change which unit is the master, and which units are slaves mid jam.

I originally set up sessions in Pro Tools, then in Ableton, and I’m currently on Logic as it doesn’t filter Sysex messages and the environment patching is really useful. As far as I know, Logic is filtering my MIDI clock and I’m not able to patch ports in my midi interface while in ‘computer mode’. I had a quick play with MidiPipe yesterday but didn't manage to get everything working as planned.

I’m using Logic 9 on OS X 10.10.5 with an AMT8 & a Unitor8.

Any help would be appreciated!

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Logic does not follow incoming MIDI clock, I think this stopped with version 8 or so. And you cannot patch MIDI clock through Logic. You can send MIDI clock from Logic to two ports.

Since Logic can record with tempo changes and sends MIDI clock, Logic as the master is an option. But you would not have many options to change the tempo, actually just three I know of: A prepared piece with tempo changes, adjusting the tempo manually, or adjusting by MIDI via the tempo fader (coarse steps). I have no good experience with recording while tapping tempo in Logic, so I can't recommend that.

The freeware 'MIDI Patchbay' can route MIDI clock but I don't know if you can control it remotely.
In case you have it: Max can receive, generate and route MIDI clock.

Changing the MIDI clock Master in a bunch of instruments may be possible if you cable everything to everything. Maybe out- and thru- connectors in parallel. The devices must accept MIDI clock as soon as it arrives or have a MIDI-switchable clock source. Maybe you need to switch clock generation on/off. If the devices have combined out/thru connectors you may need do switch those too. And I would expect the need of a big clever MIDI interface with presets for several patches. Don't know if the Unitor can do it.
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Actually - While there are two dropdown for where to send midi clock... each can be set differently including the option to send to "all" ports. So you are not limited to only two specific ports. Additionally and similar to creating an aggregate device for audio - In the audio midi setup you can create an external device ( with ports) and cable it to multiple destinations... so you can in fact route midi clock any way and anywhere you want using this method.

Edit: keeping in mind what peter said in that Logic is the master...
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