Logic Pro 7 & earlier Running Ivory in Logic 7 on Intel


I have an Intel Mac. Ivory works only in a Universal Binary host so normally I use Logic 8 for that. I make a lot of educational material by filming the things happening on the screen with SnapzProX. Logic 8 sometimes shows some annoying orange padlocks which I can not always avoid in certain page setups.

So I would like to stick to Logic 7 for these situations, but the Ivory Audio Unit does not work in hosts that use Rosetta, and I really need this great piano for my movies. Ivory does come with a standalone application, so I wonder if anyone can tell me if it's possible to access the standalone version from Logic 7 with some rewire trick. I found the External Instrument plugin, but that didn't show the Ivory standalone app. Thanks!

Bart Noorman - www.virtualmusicschool.org

Howard W

Logic 7.2 is Intel compatible, look around and see if you can find the upgrade anywhere. It would solve all your problems.

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