Logic Pro 7 & earlier RUNNING LOGIC ON PC....CURRENT INFO...


I'M Sure this is online anyway, but i'd thought i'd drop you some current info regarding logic and windows.

i've been a licensed user of logic since 2002, and even though i didn't use logic at the time (i was a long time cubase user since 1.3 on the pc), i changed about 2 years ago.

i wondered if logic would even run on xp at the time...

up to the present day, and the fact is; logic runs PERFECTLY on VISTA. I had to roll back from 5.5 to 5.3, but its more reliable than cubase ever was.

for those unsure of migrating, perhaps to an older version, 5.3 gives you most of the current plug-in set (ES2, ES24, etc) and runs like a dream.

i use ASIO4ALL - A free asio driver that works with most laptops (my Sony Viao has Realtek 32/24 bit drivers, but i use 16 bit mode)

without wanting to tread on the toes of the moderators - i'm happy to help with any questions logic pC = hope this helps...


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Ove Karlsen

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Heya. I´m on WinXP here, and run 5.5.1 fine.

I also have some optimization tips here: http://ovekarlsen.com/Blog/engineering/

I successfully run at 1ms latency if desired, with a professional soundcard.

Logic 5 sequencer-wise is very good, and most plugins work. And if not, they can usually be wrapped in a VST plugin host, such as Energy XT, or similar.

I actually also have a Mac Mini here, but there really wasn´t much new in the later versions, for me, to be quite honest, so I don´t see no problem with just using this version. Also very nice with the snappy optimized XP.

Interesting to hear that 5.3 works on Vista. I don´t think 5.5 is supported on later versions though, so that becomes a problem eventually.

If one has the money, a fast enough Mac (E5?) will probably make it as pleasurable to use on Mac aswell.

Peace Be With You.
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