Logic Pro 9 Running video out of Logic Live.


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Hi there,
Just wondering if any of you may have some advice for me? I'm in a multi media band and we're doing a show using video projections. We've been using Logic to run our backing tracks and video. For some reason, we keep getting the 'system overload' error message, only on the first play. Any subsequent plays are not a problem. How can I get this to run perfectly on the first play? All we have running are a couple of audio tracks (no effects) and a video track. Surely my MacBook Pro can handle this?
In Preferences/Audio, have you increased the I/O buffer size to 1024? Also set Process buffer to Large? (worth experimenting with small as well)

Often projects have to be played through once before all of the track buffers at different points in the song have been loaded. That seems to relieve the sudden CPU spikes that often occur on first play through. Add to that video streaming and it's probably more than Logic can handle.

If you open the Disk/CPU meters are you seeing any CPU spikes?

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