Safari 5.0


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I just installed and am trying it out. So far so good ...

anyone else?

kind regards

Safari is designed to emphasize the browsing, not the browser.It seems to work a lot better if you do a Safari->Reset Safari after installing.Google loaded instantly.Looks like it's time to try out Chrome or get used to Firefox.It looks like Safari has lost this individual battle.

Peter Ostry

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Problems here with Safari and Firefox. Safari does not show certain interface elements from known webpages. Dislocated hotspots for mouse clicks on buttons. We can hardly manage our mailserver, need to click on a particular pixel row in the upper button area. Firefox is not usable for this, does not support the installed security certificate and does not allow an exception for it. Not funny when your customers use the same interface and pay for that.

Very disappointing. Obviously too many programmers and too much programming time. We should force them to fix bugs and then pay them for travelling around the world, watching TV or just for sleeping or whatever, but not working on working software for two years.