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Hi All,

I am running OS 10.6.8 on a 2008 8 core MacPro. I remember that there was an OS update that came out (quite) a while back that really messed up Logic and other Pro apps when it was installed. I avoided it like the plague at the time. I don't recall hearing about how or if it was resolved or not.

Can anyone knowledgable about such things confirm if these updates in the screenshot below are "safe" for my system? FWIW, I'm still using Logic 9.1.5 because of the well known "beach ball at startup" problem many users with systems like mine have experienced.


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Hey Eli,
Long time fan, first time caller....🙂
Anyway, I'm on the L9.1.8 and Lion, 10.7.5 with no major issues and am also running a 08' eight core Mac pro if that helps. Honestly, running in Lion makes me feel safe if things take a turn for the worse and I'm forced to buy a new mac, which I'd love to do btw but am more than happy with the current old machine.

On another note, I just subscribed to for the next year and have been enjoying your midi orchestra coarse. Great job!

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Hi Dave,

I'm trying to put off moving to 10.7 for now; I still have some Rosetta based apps that I am using. I of course will make the change when necessary, but I've managed to avoid it so far😀

I'm just spooked by all the bad things I remember reading about this security update at the time it came out. Wondering if it's safe.....

PS: Thanks and glad you are enjoying the videos. I had a ball doing the MIDI Orchestration stuff!
Gotcha. I remember that about the Rosetta thing and at this point think I must have updated anything important as I haven't missed running in snow leopard. Also, Lion is just really great in many ways and I think Logic might run a little better in it. Also, running Logic in full screen mode is great. You might want to throw Lion on another drive at some point "for fun." I recommend getting a SSD, which will give you a gigantic speed boost and make you Mac feel new again. Good luck!

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