Logic Pro 9 sample editor error message


I'm trying to edit an audio file and in the sample editor whatever I want to do to change it, reduce the waveform to silence or add gain to a section of it I get the message "This audio file can not be changed! Volume or file is locked.

If I go to info window and unlock it, there is no difference.

What gives?
Sounds like the audio file was transferred from a server or a windows machine.

you have to change the file status while you are NOT booted into Logic. Otherwise it won't "stick".

Can you please tell me how you get these files that seem to have this issue? Might make it possible for me to figure out a better resolution for you.


Thanks George,

I did get the file from the narrator but, as I understand it, he recorded it in GarageBand on an older Mac with the sections of narration out of order according to what I decided and I put them in order successfully by moving them down from another track and moving the fragments where I wanted them.

But the narration imported from mp3 into Logic has it's problems and there are still things that I and others have criticized.

Hope this helps.


I found a solution, maybe.

My narration track was in 5 or 6 segments split by my putting the narration in order. I merged the track into a larger contiguous file which, at least allowed me to silence the noise in between. I will see if it will allow me to edit further. For instance, the speaker's diction is so precise that the p's and t's and are too explosive. Not sure what to do about that save highlighting these consonants and reducing their volume.