Logic Pro 8 Sample limit?


I finished a big project where the drummer had basically spoilt the track due to gross tempo inaccuracies, causing inaccurate vocals, horns etc.

I replaced the drums with SD2, quantised the MIDI keyboards, added SD2 congas and shakers, and individually and painstakingly tightened the 4 horns and vocals using Melodyne.

After setting up all appropriate track and master plugins, I had a song tht sounded great - and I then selected 'bounce' - only to have a crash.

I could not re-load the song , originally in L7, but L8 didn't like it either.

I tried loads of tricks to no avail, disabling plugins one by one, until I got to SD2, when the song loaded easily.

I instantiated one SD2 plugin, rendered it to AIFF, removed the plugin, then instantiated the SD2 Latin and the song played fine.

I took this to Toontrack forums and got this official reply, condensed:

' Logic will likely start misbehaving if you load more than 1.8GB of samples'

1. is this issue familiar to the LUG community?
2. does Melodyne create samples that count towards this limit? ( I had a LOT of Melodyne working here)