Logic Pro sample locations


I don't do much in the way of sound design and therefore tend to use stock presents or sounds from purchased libraries in most of my projects. However, I want to change that. One area in which I am woefully ignorant is the location of samples on my system. I have Logic, of course, but I also have to name a few, Native Instruments Komplete, SampleTank 4, and a lot of other instruments that use samples. I recently purchased Isotope's BreakTweaker which is one of many instruments which allow the import of one's own samples. The trouble is I don't know where these samples are stored on my system. Please help.

Pete Thomas

Staff member
Provided it hasn't changed since I last checked, the actual sample can be anywhere, including external drives. Logic Sampler should find them via Spotlaight.

Some other libraries need to be "told" where the samples are.

I keep all samples of both Logic and pother libraries on an external SSD drive.
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