Logic Pro 8 Sample Rate Conversion Comparisons between Audio Applications & MORE!

hello LUGroupers...i came across this website that let's you compare Sample Rate Conversions between all of the various Audio Applications. one thing that seemed amazing to me was the difference between the quality of Logic 7.2.3 and Logic 8 on Tiger....and then the difference between Logic 8 on Tiger and Logic 8 on Leopard. clearly Leopard provides more sophisticated enhancements to the Core Audio drivers. big thanks to Infinite Wave for providing this critical information! :D enjoy...

Not CoreAudio.. Quicktime! :)

I'm not sure since which version, I think 6 or 7, but Logic no longer uses its own SRC routines but those provided by the Quicktime libraries. So actually there shouldn't be any difference between two Logic versions (greater than 7) if everything else is kept the same. An OS upgrade however will certainly make a difference. :)
i was aware of the new Quicktime SRC engine...however, it wasn't until i saw these comparisons that the OS could have such a difference. if you pull up L8 Tiger in the top viewer and then L8 Leopard in the bottom, there is noticeable, not extreme, difference in the results. personally, i'm a big fan of Barbabatch and based on the results, it seems to be the winner. at any rate, i thought it was a rather interesting find. :)