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"It´s about having easy access to the sounds you love!!"

You are EXACTLY right. You relay the objective better than I did. My method would help, but there may be a better way than I suggested.
Hi Alien,
Thanks for your encouragement on my first post!!.
"My method would help..." could you point it out for me, please?. This thread is like a million pages long and I haven´t located it.



Oh, thanks. I only meant my request for IK to allow me to overwrite the parent file. Your feedback allows for other solutions. Something like a favorites list the user can manage might be a good example. Currently, there is no easy way to address this frustration. I just have to deal with my favorite sounds annoyingly being buried in submenus. It amazes me how many vendors don't think about this sort of thing. Line 6 was notorious. Before Pod Farm came out, while working with its predecessor I had to click and hold the mouse then scroll through at least 3 drop lists just to change to the next setting AND the software would not respond to program changes (a potential workaround to the problem). There was no solution. It was laughable, and you could tell that 1st tier support at IK was very accustomed to the question. Thank heaven they addressed this nightmare with the release of Pod Farm. They must have got the hint. SampleTank doesn't suffer nearly as badly, but hopefully they will implement some kind of user settings management in the next release.


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I don´t think it´d be complicated either... If you look at the presets or library folder, files are created with the name you saved them with...
An example for this is Logic. You can rearrange prests, track, folders, etc to your liking.
I might be wrong but I believe that you have your favorite sounds that you come back to (at least as a starting point) over and over (one viola, 2 trumpets, one sax...).
I´d rather have a simple functionality like this than 5 extra tweeker-second-resonant-multipole-restricted filters.


Hmm, You gave me an idea. I'll try saving my favorites as Logic plugin settings. The only problem with that is they stop working after major plugin version changes (they become new plugins). But this is a good set-it-and-forget-it workaround that I sometimes forget about it. Doesn't work with all plugins, but does with most.


There is a way to save your sounds, BETTER...

Hello to all,

Sorry I have been away so long, but as you know I travel the country and I dont get much time to check on things here, but you guys know if you need me, all you have to do is shoot a message... which brings me to the questions below...

Lets review:
The Actual question is can I save my FAVORITE SampleTank sounds in 1 specific area where I dont have to go thru EVERY single sound again to find my favorite one? (the Main sound that is... as in overwriting the original)

Well here are a couple of different ways to get this accomplished...

Option 1#

There is a function in SampleTank called "user keywords".
This function is used to help manage and keep track of your FAVORITE sounds and allow you quick access to them without having to go thru all the SUB-menus of your entire Sound Library which could be time consuming if you have built up a huge sound set like I have over time...

Here's how it works...
Pull up the sound that you like...
Make your changes to that sound
Save it as normal as a child sound
Now once that sound is saved and you pull it up again Go to the right hand side of SampleTank underneath User Preset (Rename, Save and Delete) and there is an open box that says USER KEYWORDS
Click in the box and a dialog box appears that says INSERT KEYWORD
Now lets say you want to keep all of your Dirty Violins accessible to you...
well you type here.. dirty V and hit ok
now whenever you want to find this sound again, instead of searching thru the whole sub menu, you can go to the window underneath the BIG User Keywords box which says SEARCH with a little arrow next to it...
Type in your key word dirty V and Viola! it goes right to your new sound that you saved...
Now you add this keyword to as many sounds as you'd like therefore creating your own special sub menu that you can get to with your favorite sounds quickly and easily....

Option #2

When you 1st open SampleTank the "combi section" is blank.
Right next to it are options SAVE and SAVE AS... click SAVE AS
It says SAVE AS "New preset" - on the bottom left it should give you the option to create NEW FOLDER... Click that - and title your folder MY STUFF
Once thats done, the MY STUFF folder will appear in your COMBI list..
Now lets say you go and you edit one of your favorite sounds..
Now once your done go back up to the top next to the Combi Window and and hit SAVE AS and it will ask you WHERE do you want to save it...
Now you can save this PRESET in your MY STUFF folder..
Now you dont have to look for all your favorite sounds becuase you would have saved them all here!

I hope these 2 options help a little and shed a little light on how SampleTank can still be the fastest and most efficient sound workstation around...


Great suggestions, my friend. But your last sentence is a little over the top, me thinks. ;D In any case, I appreciate your contribution to this concern!


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Option #1 is similar to the "search" function, but you´d have to remember how you named your stuff. Haven´t tried the keywords function. I´d probably forget how I named my stuff...

Option #2 looks good to me.
Nice workaround.


Thanks Alien... couldnt resist that little IK plug..
You know I love you guys...

Have a great one guys..
I'm here if you need me..