Sampling from software library source with AutoSampler



I saw a discussion in this thread: on whether it would be possible to convert the Garritan sample library purchased with a notation program such as Finale or Sibelius to an EXS 24 instrument using Keymap.

I wonder if AutoSampler would be capable (quite apart from the question of possible legal limitations applying to the use of Garritan's samples) of automating such a process?
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from a technical point of view, AutoSampler can be used with hardware *and* software instruments, so any virtual instrument can be autosampled. From a legal point of view, you should check Garritan's licensing agreement to see if it allows the resampling of the library for your own personal use.

Hi Andrea,

Thank you for your quick response. I understand the potential legal issues (which is why I mentioned it on a sidenote). It's not a matter of personal concern for me as I already own a Kontakt-based version of Garritan's GPO; the matter was brought up by another poster and I just wanted to verify if my understanding of the technical capabilities of AutoSampler was correct on this point, which seems to be the case.

I'll just go back and refer to this thread and those concerned should take the legal aspects into account.

That said, I must say that although I'm not a Redmatica user yet, I'm quite impressed with what I've seen of your products so I may well become one!
Hi Andrea,

I am the user that triggered Syarikat's question with my query in another thread. I also own the Kontakt-based version of GPO, and after examining the licensing agreement that came with it, I'm convinced that I would not be violating it by re-mapping the samples to EXS for my own use only. My reason for recreating GPO as EXS instruments is that I find Kontakt Player difficult to work with compared with EXS.

Having said all that, I own AutoSampler and Keymap, and I cannot for the life of me figure out how I would use either of them to resample the GPO instruments from within Logic. Is it possible to use AutoSampler to sample from an instance of Kontakt within Logic using the same computer, or do I need to use two computers and treat one of them as a hardware sample player?
Thanks Andrea, that worked like a charm! I successfully used AutoSampler and Keymap to make a perfect replica of a GPO Flute player. However, as there are over 250 more sounds in the GPO to sample, I think I will do this only when I need a specific instrument for a specific job... It is very good to know that it is possible though, as I find EXS so much easier to use than Kontakt Player. Thanks again!

Sonny Keyes
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