Sampling Kontakt Instruments in Autosampler

I'm trying to sample the Glassworks Library and I'm using Kontakt Player. I did everything I saw in the ES1 video, but every time I press start, it tells me no sound is emitted for every note to be sample.:brkwl:
That's an interesting question... If someone has bought a library, should they be allowed to use it in their compositions in the most efficient way possible? I'm not sure. However, if it ends up as identifiable audio/samples within a production, as long as the user has a paid license, it shouldn't matter how it got there.
It could be seen in the same light as freezing, or bouncing a region of same said instrument/sample.

A little off topic by now I guess, but it raises interesting questions.
They won't let me do it under the EULA, but I didn't realize when I bought it that the .nkx files couldn't be opened when I was using Translator to convert to .exs files and I spend $200 on this. So I know what has to be done.