Logic Pro 8 Save As VS. Save Copy As

In general computing, I often use 'Save As...' to preserve an original document while I mess around with a copy of it. When I did this in Logic the other day, it totally screwed up my original. I had the band over and said, "here's the version that is exactly the same as it was when you left" and then proceded to play something no one had ever heard before. I'm still trying to figure out what happened, but after noticing the 'Save Copy As...' feature, I think I have an idea.

Does 'Save As' share audio files between versions? If so, does 'Save Copy As' create copies of the files so they can be edited in total isolation? Typing this out, it seems like a no-brainer, but why would the terminology be totally different from every other computer application/program I've ever used? And on such an important feature at that... d'oh!

I stretched the time of the region and it looks like that is what screwed up the original. Anyone have tips on workflow improvements here?
Here is the main difference between the two:

Save As: creates a new version, and replaces the version in front of you with the new one. So, you are in effect continuing to work on the copy of your project, not the original.

Save Copy As: Creates a new version, and leaves this version closed on your hard drive. The version in front of you remians the original version you were working on. The newly created version is closed and on your disc, acting as an archive, or backup, of your original. The original is still in front of you on the screen.

In terms of wether assets are copied or not, it depends on how you have your projects assets settings set.
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Thanks for the info Eli. I assume "assets" refers to the individual aiff files? If so, I would like to set my projects up so that the assets are always duplicated when I use "Save As." That way, I can mess around with the new version, including changing the aiff files by stretching them, etc., and my original file will be preserved. I'll look for these preferences when I get back to Logic this evening.
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