Logic Pro X Save environment settings


Recently, I've learned how to build a midi environment to control expression with the mod wheel and tempo with the pitch wheel. A great help! With many thanks to Peter, who was most helpful and crystal clear in his explanation.

Now there's one more final question about saving these setting out of the project. It would be most useful to have these settings available for other projects without having to rebuild them each time. Ive been searching how to do this, but didn't come to a solution.

Does anybody know how I could save a specific midi environment to have it ready for use in another project?




There are few alternatives:
1. Save the Environment setup project as Song template and start your new projects from that template.
2. Copy your Enviro setup to a different "New" layer and name that layer "Extr.Tempo" or what else. You can Import that layer into another project via the Environment Window Options Menu ->Import Environment, Layer etc.
It's a good idea if you can pack your setup into a Macro. I offer that cause LogicX has a cabling bug during importing and may mess the cables.
3. You can open two projects simultaneously, select the Enviro setup, copy it and paste (or drag & drop) it into the other project.
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