Logic Pro 9 Saving EXS files with projects - what do you do?


I had some problems with losing track of EXS instruments I was making in tracks, not sure exactly why, but for instance, NONE of the EXS files I made in a song in L8 survived the upgrade to L9. So I started clicking "Save EXS Files in Project folder..."

Thing is, that makes it copy like all the piano samples, etc. I see how that would be hygenic for going to someone else's studio or something, but in my case, I don't really need it to resave Steinway Club 100 times or whatever, and those piano multis are pretty large, no? Is there anyway to make it save MY exs files in the project folder, and not Logic's?

Or should I not worry about this because disk space is cheap?

Colin Shapiro

There is a default path for user settings for Logic:
Yourdrive/Users/yourname/Library/Application Support/Logic

In that folder should be 2 folders called Sampler Instruments and EXSamples. (All your user plugin settings are here too)

I have saved plenty EXS24 instruments and samples of my own to this location and they have survived the upgrade to Logic 9 just fine.

You can of course also keep copies in a Project folder if you wish...indeed, disk space is cheap.
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