Logic Pro 9 Saving in SMF format with Logic Express 9.1.3


How can I save in SMF format and have different instruments playing on my playback just the way I set in may sequence?

Always I try to save in SMF format all my instruments come with a piano sound, should the things be like that?

I want to use Logic Express 9.1.3 to save files and a midi keyboard that reads SMF format to play it.

Even if I open the .mid file with Logic what I have is that piano sound playing through all the instruments, and not the instruments I set before. The same when I open the .mid file with Sibelius 6, and also the same with the midi synthesizer player.

If anyone could help me I would really be very thankful.



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Rather than trying to save, which will not create a Midi File, try File ->Export-> Selection as Midi File. Prior to doing this you will need to select all the Midi Regions in the arrange page that you wish to export

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The reason is that there are no midi program patch changes being loaded... you would need to run/create your sessions with a GM device for playback, and program midi patch changes at the beginning of each track to call up the correct sounds.
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If you want to have a SMF file with different instruments like you put in your sequence, you have to first of all consult your synthesizer manual.

Usually in the patch list you have the numbers of the messages you have to introduce in your tracks. They are called bank messages (MSB and LSB) and the program change message, the specific number of the patch you want. The program change numbers goes since 0 to 127 (in the computer, and in the synthesizer 1 to 128).

Because of the number of patches are bigger than 128 in the synthesizer we need the bank messages usually transmitted in the CC#0 (MSB) and the CC#32 (LSB) commands. First of all you have to choose a different channel to each track you have, and 'transport' all the midi messages in a track to its correspondent channel, be careful because channel 10 is only for drums and percussion.

At the beginning of each track you have to put a MSB, a LSB and a program change message according to the manual of your synthesizer (JUNO STAGE pp. 193 - 197, at the top of the list). Use for it the event list in LOGIC. Go to Lists - Event - Create - program change or controller (MSB, LSB), do it before all the midi messages of the track, and put the channels according to your previous choice. Try to put the messages in different places one of them, another one etc. its better to the synthesizer to read them.

After that, follow the instructions of the Logics manual about "Savin Standard MIDI Files", and save it in a pen drive. Put it in your synthesizer in position he can read the 16 channels, in JUNO STAGE is Performance Mode.

If you are lucky and have followed these general instructions you will have a SMF with a lot of instruments like me, just the way you put in your sequence.

For further information the best I've found was this page on the internet. It's not exactly for JUNO STAGE but will help in the same way. Take a look and these words I wrote will be clearer for you.


Good luck!
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