Logic Studio apps Saving new audio with old video



I have three old band videos off of youtube. I want to replace the bad sounding youtube audio with the audio off the cds. Can I replace the old audio and save the old video and new audio as a new quicktime movie with any of Logics apps? Did what I said make sense?

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* Bring the movie into Logic from the global Options menu

* Bring in your new audio and place/edit it as you want with the images.

* Finally, export the audio to the movie by means of that same Options menu.

* when you are exporting it, make sure you deselect including the source audio in the final stage of the dialogue boxes; otherwise it will get mixed in together with the new audio.

that's it......

Pete Thomas

Staff member
Also can be done in Quicktime Pro.

Window> Show Movie properties - delete audio

Edit > Past new audio. (Make sure you paste at the correct position, e.g. the start)

File > Save as self contained movie