saving project to a network computer


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Is it possible to save and play back from a computer on my lan. I have 3 computers, i use one to record with, and i would like to be able to edit and mix from the other storing all data on the third computer. The help files are kind of vague, and i'm fairly new to macs. Thank for any help.
Theoretically yes, but you'll probably have quite a few annoyances to figure out. You'll definitely need wired gigabit and a decent switch/router as well as a lot of patience! At this point it's definitely easier/cheaper to use a decent external drive and move it with you. Alternatively you can keep a central file store and copy (or as I do clone using CCC) the files to your local drive. As an approximate rule of thumb, if it takes longer to copy the files than play the entire track it won't stream!