Logic Studio apps Saving your own Apple Loops?


From what I can tell, if I want to make my own apple loop and be able to edit the transients and label it, etc I first have to "open in apple loops utility" via the audio menu. I then save it but it gets saved in the project/audio folder. If I want to make it available as an apple loop to be used in any other project I need to select it and then go into region/add to apple loops library. I realize I can just do this first but then I can't get in and edit transients, etc. Am I missing something? I guess it depends if you feel like the apple loop you just made is something you want to use again in the future so you wouldn't necessarily do this every time, correct?
I haven't done this since Logic 9 came out, but I bet it's the same behavior, and you're right about how you proceeded. The single work around in ALU I can offer is to do a "save as" which will allow you to put the loop in the location of your choice - a good idea would be your User Loops folder. I think you'll still have to index.