Logic Pro 9 Score date (Prefs) appears in "Download"


I love Logic, but sometimes I get weird files showing up in strange places. Like this preference file on score data showing up in my download files. Then every once in a while I get a fade file showing up on my desktop. I'm looking around in my settings and I can't find out where these are coming from. When I double click the files, they usually open Waveburner, but Waveburner cannot do anything with them, of course. Any thoughts? Not that big a deal, but it's unnerving. thanx

FWIW, there is no dedicated score preference file with Logic. It must be something else you are seeing. And fade files are generally created in the same directory as the parent file they are associated with. So, if you had an audio file on your desktop that you placed in a Logic Arrange Window - maybe even temporarily - and added fades, that would explain it.
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