Logic Pro 9 Score edit Note Length newbie question


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Hi All

I'm happily migrating from Nuendo to Logic 9 but trying to get the hang of the different scoring options.

I am having trouble easily and quickly adjusting DISPLAY note lengths.

I would like to leave the actual note length values well alone (With their human touch :) ) But alter the value of the displayed note, on-score only.

Obviously the score display quantise global setting does this in general to the whole staff, but how can I DISPLAY-QUANTISE say... a single 8th note to become a 4th note on-score. without changing its actual MIDI length?

On Nuendo you could click a note value on the (Equivalent of) part menu and then alt-click on top of the note you wanted to change and force it to change to a new display-note length without changing its MIDI length.

Can't find this function on Logic - or is there a better way!

Thanks for help in anticipation.